What Buyers are saying about Sarah

My biggest fear before buying my home was wondering if I was going to find the right one or pay too much, or lose it during the bidding process. I don't think that I ended up paying too much and I do think I picked the right one thanks to Sarah.

My favorite part of the home buying experience was opening the door for the first time after buying it! Or maybe the first morning...either way.

Sarah puts real effort into making sure that you're buying a house that will work well for you. She makes sure the property is a good investment and a place you can call home. Sarah also will go out of her way and do everything she can to make the process go smoothly.

Sarah is a great person to work with, simply fantastic.

~Ryan Johnsen

What Sellers are saying about Sarah

Our biggest fear was that we would not get the asking price and that our home would sit on the market.
With Sarah's unique strategy; we sold it in under 30 days and 20% above asking price.

Working with Sarah. She made our experience comfortable and seamless.

Sarah is a talented and kind-hearted individual with an appetite for closing deals the right way. Her communication skills are stellar and her knowledge in staging, pricing and making certain her clients are comfortable are extraordinary.

~Robin Winfield

What Sellers are saying about Sarah

Probably the biggest concern with selling a house is getting it ready for the market so it looks its best and will inspire someone to want to come home to it. I wasn't looking forward to finding the people to make my house look like a beautiful home, then putting in the extra work on top of my family and job. I have sold 3 houses now, so I thought I knew what my realtor would do for me and how much work would be mine to do. However, I had not had this kind of a realtor before. Sarah helped us figure out what needed fixing, recommended contractors and made sure the work got done, whether it was getting someone to come clear out items for trash and donation from the garage on a Sunday or pitching in herself. I have never had a house look so nice before at listing time, and I have certainly never sold one as quickly before!

Knowing that someone with taste and knowledge was getting my house into the best shape possible and was constantly on top of the project.

Nobody else has ever worked this hard before to sell my house and it shows. We had an offer on the house within a week and sold in about a month! Getting it done in a flash, and with style, is a rare and wonderful thing!

~Cathleen Corrie

What Sellers are saying about Sarah

Since we were selling a rental, my biggest fear was that we would either (1) price ourselves out of the market and end up sitting with an extra monthly mortgage payment or (2) we would misjudge the demand for the house and leave money on the table.
It did not come true. Sarah created a unique strategy that accomplished both goals.
1 - We fixed the house up, investing $3k in giving it additional curb appeal.
2 - We priced the house at the low-end of the market and didn't accept any offers for 1 week. During that time, Sarah showed the house to prospective buyers/agents, letting them know that we would not respond to any offers for at least the next week. After the first offer came in, all the following buyers/agents were communicated to letting them know that we had already received one offer. End result... we ended up having 14 offers to choose from within 1 week of listing the home.

They say if you want to be better, you need to be different, and if you need to be different, you've got to be able to change. I am not a real estate person, so I felt overwhelmed with the process but, once Sarah sat down with us, I felt like we had plans in case of any surprises.
In short, I never felt like we weren't in control or surprised.

Sarah put together a plan that gave us options throughout the process. I'd say her ability to plan is the biggest strength. I felt that we had contingency plans for any number of potential hurdles we might come up with in the future.

~Tanner Halton

What Buyers are saying about Sarah

We were worried about getting quality for the price we were paying. We did pay over the asking price, but money was allowed for repairs which were extensive. Sarah had all of the home inspections completed ASAP. She guided us with our proposal back to the sellers and in the end our proposal was excepted. We were very pleased to have a significant amount of money from the purchase to do the upgrades as needed.

Sarah paid exceptional attention to detail and what we were looking for, that is neighborhood, price range, and type of rental we were seeking. This made the entire process much easier and enjoyable as she was figuring out and looking for potential properties.

I have already recommended her to several people because of the following:
She keeps you updated on properties as they are available and is quick to respond for a showing.
She provides assistance re: how to prepare to buy, having your finances prepared and in order, referrals as needed for financing.
She has access to home inspectors, etc. to allow for a fast home review before making a final offer.
She works for a great company and has access to additional consultation if needed.
She can easily guide you through the mountains of paperwork needed for a property purchase.
She is very positive, helpful, and has a great sense of humor. We appreciate everything she did to make our purchase a reality.
I would highly recommend Sarah Halton for any home purchase. She was a joy to work with, reliable, friendly and ready to step forward to offer any assistance requested. We would use her again without hesitation for any home purchase.

~Patricia & Milan Sosnovec

What Buyers are saying about Sarah

Sarah was simply amazing!!! My mortgage broker and insurance agent were both very impressed by her work, ability to anticipate and attention to detail. I loved her enthusiasm and willingness to work late into the night to make sure my deal went through. I have already recommended her to others.

Sarah went above and beyond!

~Cydney Heims

What Buyers are saying about Sarah

We were concerned that we wouldn't find what we were looking for. We had been looking for a while and were afraid that we would have to settle for something less that what we'd hoped for. When a property came on the market that exceeded our hopes, Sarah was able to get us in the moment it was available and helped us to make a smart, fair and successful offer.

We loved seeing the different properties that were available in Portland and being educated as to the pros and cons of each area. Shopping with Sarah was a lot of fun. She didn't waste our time by showing us properties that weren't what we wanted, was upbeat and effective and a pleasure to spend time with.

Sarah is sweet, calm and low key, but she is also Tenacious. We started out talking with several realtors, but Sarah was the one who kept bringing us properties the others seemed to miss. Sarah went the extra mile and worked hard to get us exactly what we wanted. We felt that she was well informed about the real estate scene in Portland, loyal to us and communicated well with the sellers. We were very pleased with the work that she did and will be using her to sell our house as well.

We trust Sarah. She exceeded our expectations. She was attentive and respectful and we are thrilled with home that she found for us. Also, we love her and want to be friends with her for the rest of our lives.

~Eve Stern

What Buyers are saying about Sarah

My biggest fear before buying a property is that it was going to be a very long and drawn out process.  Where we would put it many different offers and be out bid.  when in actuality it was the furthest from the truth.  We put in our first offer and it got accepted with Sarah's great negotiating skills!  Both Emily and I were excited on how quick and easy it was.

It was fun to experience looking at multiple different types of properties, some that appealed more to us and some that might not have.  When we did find the right property Sarah was quick to give advice and draw up the offer so we would not lose the home.

I would definitely recommend Sarah to any and everyone!  She made us feel like we were her only client going through the process (when I know for a fact she was handling many other clients as well).  She was always available to answer questions at any time of the day and we felt like she was really looking out for our best interest.

Thank you very much Sarah, you really did make this process easier than what we expected it to be.

~Emily & Andy Galvin

What Buyers are saying about Sarah

We were fearful that we wouldn't be able to find a house that we loved in our price range in the time in which we had to look because of the various challenges within the Portland market. Luckily, time was on our side and we weren't in a rush. We were committed to practicing patience throughout the process and found a place we loved that had pretty much everything we were looking for in a much shorter time frame than we thought it. This was due to Sarah's commitment and diligence.

It was exciting to visit all different kinds of properties in all the various neighborhoods to see what the Portland market had to offer as a whole. Sarah did a great job of feeding us new opportunities in all areas of Portland and helped us to feel positive throughout the process.

We started out a bit rudderless in our search in terms of what we were looking for in a house when it came to style and location. Sarah helped us hone in on what our biggest priorities were and kept us up-to-date with what was going on in the market during the time of our search. She worked hard to keep us fueled with current opportunities and kept us positive through the process which was of course at times challenging. She always was willing to meet us anytime, anywhere and worked long hours to secure the perfect house for us!

~Lindsay McNamara & Fredrik Wallberg

What Sellers are saying about Sarah

Question #1: What was your biggest fear before listing your property? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

Would our property sell for the dollar amount we needed to make our move.
No need to have any fear about that as our property sold at the exact amount we hoped for.

Question #2: What, specifically, was your favorite part of the home selling experience and why?

Working with Sarah and her team, no question! They were professional and experts in their field, providing excellent guidance along with an understanding of our needs. One of the recommendations was "staging", which we had some hesitation about until Sarah completely explained the rationale for it in our current market. We were very satisfied with the staging company. Also Sarah was very adept at explaining her strategy for the sale of our property, which proved to be very effective.

Question #3: If you were to recommend me to a friend, what would you say my strengths were?

Sarah is very personable and a good communicator with a total understanding of the market. The real estate market has become more complex than we remember with our last real estate transaction. Sarah is deftly able to handle all the intricacies of bringing a transaction to completion.

~Earl & Mary Royer

What Sellers are saying about Sarah

Question #1: What was your biggest fear before listing your property? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

I worried that it would be a hassle, that it might be the wrong season to sell, that it would sit for a long time and that people would pick over the imperfections. Sarah provided us with good guidance regarding what improvements to make and the home sold quickly for a great price!

Question #2: What, specifically, was your favorite part of the home selling experience and why?

When we found Sarah, we had already spoken to several other successful realtors in the area. We told them all that whoever brought us the right property would also get the listing on the home we were selling. Sarah went the extra mile and showed enthusiasm and effort that the others lacked. My favorite part was feeling like we acquired a strong advocate and friend in the process. Her commitment and enthusiasm made each step of the way a pleasure.

Question #3: If you were to recommend me to a friend, what would you say my strengths were?

You instilled a feeling of confidence in us from the start and never let us down. You remained positive and optimistic and made the entire experience a pleasure instead of a headache. You brought us properties the second they came on the market and placed us in a home that exceeded our expectations. You were respectful to everyone you dealt with on both sides, which took a lot of patience at times! You went the extra mile every step of the way and we will be forever grateful for your professionalism, tenacity and grace.

Thank you, Sarah! We are so happy with both the purchase and sale of our properties. You are an outstanding human being and an amazing realtor!

~Eve Stern & Les Gutfreund

What Sellers are saying about Sarah

Question #1: What was your biggest fear before listing your property? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

My biggest fear, the home taking a long time to sell. Yes, it came true. Sarah helped me get it staged and that seemed to speed up the selling process.

Question #2: What, specifically, was your favorite part of the home selling experience and why?

Getting offers and hearing from Sarah. Then signing the Seller Loan documents and hearing from my realtor that the Buyer's loan has funded… Woot and Woot… Yahooooooooo

Question #3: If you were to recommend me to a friend, what would you say my strengths were?

Sarah, is very innovative and was 100% consistent. She did not give up and she was determined to find the right Buyers. Sarah went above and beyond in helping me. I am forever so grateful….. I would 100% recommend Sarah as a Buyer’s agent or Listing agent.

~Heidi Schmidt

What Sellers are saying about Sarah

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~Patricia Stewart